Tags Hitting Close to the Heart: My Reasons Why & 5 Things I Like About Myself

My blog tags are growing in number and I can almost hear them getting impatient in their temporary home in my bookmarks, and I know I’ll be lamenting over my lateness in responding to them, so why not do it already? It’s because I have been swamped by real life stuff that it’s getting me down. It’s a new level of low (being unproductive) for me. That’s why I’m on a semi-vacation and taking the time to just breathe. I’m not even writing draft posts and that’s a red flag for me because that’s exactly how I drifted away from blogging last time. But here I am again with another post which is quite a relief. Wew!

In my opinion, bloggers are at their peak when a post they published (or in this case – a tag created) not only appealed to people who happened to read it but when it could also make a difference in some ways – like encourage you to be positive and finding the little things that keep you going. Like these two tags for example…

hearts out fellas

I have encountered a lot of tags by this point, but none more personal and close to the heart than these two: My Reasons Why by Kimchisama and 5 Things I Like About Myself by Sophia. It is also a great feeling to be tagged by the creator themselves. Also to Auri who graciously tagged me once again for My Reasons Why.. Thank you for the tag, ladies!


  • Thank the nominator
  • Display the picture in the post
  • List 5 things you like about yourself
  • 1 thing must be a physical aspect
  • Tag 3 more people
  • (Hey friends, care to do this? I tag: Mel, Rose and Lita)

My ability to get lost

You’ll often find me lost, you see. In a book, in a movie, in my own city and even in a conversation. I am a lost girl just waiting to be found.

I could never truly lie

No matter that I decided to tell a half truth or exaggerate, I always end up telling the truth in the end one way or another. And even I know I have too many tells..

I’m very protective of what I consider mine

A dragon protects its hoard, right? I recently evolved from a bookworm to a bookdragon befitting of my hoard.

Not only when it comes to material things but especially towards friends and family.

I’m good at playing independent but I also love interaction

I think it’s a good balance between being a loner and being too social. I remember one of my friends telling me that they would often notice how I would drift away and just be with myself for a time, and they even said that they “respect my alone time.” But after my sufficient recharge I’d be crawling back to them because I love being with my crazy and adventurous friends too.

I love being small in stature

It’s because I love hugs! They feel so comfy and I feel so safe when engulfed in one especially with friends bigger or taller than me.

“I’m not short. I’m concentrated awesome.”

Though the pats in the head could be annoying at times. Seriously people control yourselves! I know I’m adorable but limit the head pats to once a year maybe.

that makes one of us

Rules, Rules, Rules

  • Mention the person who nominated you
  • List 13 reasons why you keep going/living
  • Nominate 10 or more people to give their reasons why.
  • Use the picture that I created in your post.

All done! I’m being a good kid following all the rules in this. This is not included in the rules but I’d still like to share Kimchisama’s own words about this tag:

“Maybe at this point you don’t have an issue with depression and that is okay. Sometimes it is still good to think of all the good things in your life. Maybe you think that you have nothing and you can’t make a list of reasons. I’m going to tell you now that THERE IS NO SMALL REASON. Dig deep. Deeper if you must. There is always a reason for you to keep going and living and breathing.”

And if it’s not already clear, I am truly glad to be one of your followers! ❤

Chizu’s Reasons Why…

it’s harder than I thought

I would have opted to share profound things that will most likely be met with seriousness I do not need right now (did I already mention I’m having a bit of a down time?), so I decided to share the seemingly trivial reasons to my why. Silly they may be but not a single word shared is a lie..

1 – There’s always a cup of coffee waiting for me.

2 – I have not yet reviewed an anime. Now that I think about it, this may be due to the fact that most of the blogs I follow post about anime so I enjoy reading about them rather than post about it… for now.

3 – Have you seen my TBR? I’m conquering it one book at a time. Pretty pointless if you ask me, because for every book read another one takes it place in the TBR shelf. We bookdragons love to suffer through it – the endless struggle.

4 – Get my driver’s license. Can you believe my reason not to learn to drive was because I didn’t want to be responsible for the lives of my would be passengers? But of course that was just an excuse and I was just too lazy to learn at that time. I feel quite ready now.

5 – There are milestones to reach and anniversaries to celebrate in wordpressland.

6  Learning a new language through the drama and anime I watch.

7  I have yet to perfect the art of dance like nobody is watching. I could be unbearably shy at times and it limits me. Building the self-confidence takes some time so that’s a reason to go on.

be like j-hope and own that stage!
Thankfully, I have role models..?

8 – I have yet to adopt my spirit animal which is a cat.

9  I’m going to continue that Muay Thai class because why not?

10 – It’s my goal to take a picture everyday (I’m doing a horrible job of it now) just to remind me something of each day.

11 – Those blissful moments between wakefulness and sleep. As if I’m living in a dream.

12  My dream to travel. Within and out of the country, anywhere where there is good food and friendly people. (But Japan, Korea and London first)

13 – Finally,

13. Those words and the boys too.. [Art by renkarts]
Nominations — I want to know your reasons too if it’s okay. No pressure to do the tag as always. I tag: Sophia, Angelica, Matthew, animegirlblogs, Ya Boy Jack, Birdie, Inside My Library Mind, LynLyn, Jaune.

Edit: If you’re already tagged for My Reasons Why, feel free to consider this a tag for 5 Things I Like About Myself. You could even do both if you like. Link back to this post so I could check it out. Hope you’ll enjoy doing these tags as much as I did!

That’s it for now. Thanks for reading! 

you wish you could do a ninja exit like jungkook


53 thoughts on “Tags Hitting Close to the Heart: My Reasons Why & 5 Things I Like About Myself

  1. Dude, so glad to see you enjoyed doing the tag and hopefully it helped you to remind yourself all the awesome things about yourself. And, for some reason, I don’t know why but I just KNEW that you were feeling down. I think, emphasis think, that with us ambiverts we become so social that we burn out and need to recharge. It looks like you’ve got friends on your side who do understand, so that’s a great thing. 👍
    Also, can’t wait to do Reasons Why tag (saw it swirling on instagram a while back and loved it), could you could leave a link to Kimchisama’s blog so I can give her due credit, please, I can’t seem to find it. Thanks and once again, I hope you’re recovering and well. ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love that “I’m concentrated awesome” line. I’ve never heard that before. I have a shirt and some misc that are “I’m not short, I’m fun-size” and a “leprechaun size” for St. Patrick’s Day, but now I want a concentrated awesome one.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. True…u know who braindumblogic (or Koset) is? Sh eis here in wordpress and she would ALWAYS do that! Ugh so anoying!! But I guess I apreciate her.

        Let’s kookie OUT

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  3. Your reasons are so relatable, especially the last one ❤. And yes, we shorties must be proud of how down to earth we are!😁 Thank you for the tag, but since Auri has tagged me already, I’d like to give the first one a try…if that’s alright with you if course! 😊

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Awesome post!! I like being small too. I’m not short… I’m vertically challenged. 😂 And I understand the driver’s license thing. I’m inching on 40 and I don’t have mine… I blame it one OTHER DRIVERS! Sure, I trust MYSELF.. but, I’m out on the road with all those OTHER IDIOTS!! 🙄😋😅

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