Untitled Playlist is Back With Another Group of Tracks

We were only seven
But we have you all now
After seven winters and springs
At the tips of our entwined fingers
Yeah, we got to heaven
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My Mix Nine Playlist — Untitled No More

Mix Nine is a South Korean survival reality show on JTBC. In the show, YG Entertainment founder and producer Yang Hyun-suk travels to music agencies all over Korea to find up-and-coming K-pop stars. Continue reading “My Mix Nine Playlist — Untitled No More”

Untitled Playlist: Titles don’t make playlists, songs do.

“Music is what feelings sound like out loud…”
― Georgia Cates

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Another Untitled Playlist — Words Fail, Music Speaks

“Where words fail, music speaks.”
(Me: Especially when you don’t know Korean.)

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Untitled Playlist — The First

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My ‘Llama Tab’ Courtesy of Amber Liu

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