The Quote Hoarder: What is a Bookworm?

Over the years, I have often heard the term ‘bookworm’ and I have even used the word myself several times. I took it to mean that it is someone who loves reading. When I looked it up, the actual definition of a bookworm is: a person unusually devoted to reading or study; who prefers reading to just about any other activity.

But why should it be an exclusive definition? Does it mean that you only have books and no other? Do you just have to be limited to books to deserve the title of a bookworm?

For someone like me who has varied interests and several hobbies, I will not solely belong to one area or category. I have too many tabs open. I am not limited to books and I enjoy other mediums as well. Take one look at my main blog and you’ll have a clue as to what I enjoy. But am I a bookworm? I would like to think so, so yes.

I looked up more definitions and I found that several sources offer different definitions, and of course there’s the literal meaning itself: the larva of a wood-boring beetle that feeds on the paper and glue in books. But I decided that no matter how many definitions there are, the only meaning that holds true for me is the one I understood and accepted when I was using this word. For me, it applies to someone who loves books. One who devours literature and hoards the words and meanings to themselves.

There’s one quote I encountered that I found amusing and I just wanted to share it. It was quite literal at face value but if you look at it closely it could also hold other meanings.

“Oh this? It’s a bookwormThey live in books, and they love to eat important or valuable words.”

― CLAMP, xxxHolic, Vol. 7

I am a bookworm because I live in books too. It may not be every day but most often that would be the case. I hoard quotes and eat up the important and valuable lessons each story offers. Bookworms may seem tiny but we have an immense space for our imaginations. And want to know something? We love meeting other bookworms too. Are you a bookworm?

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