3 Days, 3 Quotes: The True Worth of Stories

Because third time’s the charm and it’s day three, I’ll use it as an excuse to share three quotes all from the same book. From the magical and enchanting world of A Crown of Wishes by Roshani Chokshi comes forth words that tells us the value of a story.

“A story. This was the key to immortality. The things that made kings quiver and deities distrustful: Nothing but a tale.”


“Heroine. Savior. Villain. What were those words but different fistfuls of a tale that all depended on who was doing the telling? You see, a story is not just a thing told to a child before sleep. A story is control.”

Three ways to appreciate stories:

Through the eyes of a child…

How many times were you scolded as a child and your mother telling you that some monster will come to eat you if you don’t sleep soon or behave. How Santa Claus, Easter bunny, Peter Pan, and all those fictional beings we heard so much about are much more effective a pacifier than any of your toys. A story heard in the ears of a child can be a source of fun and laughter but also of caution and reprimand.

Cold hard reality…

Now that we’re all grown, stories are still a powerful tool. A story can control the masses to either sympathize or sneer. The kind of powerful storytelling that appeals not only to our minds but to our hearts. These are the stories we should be cautious of.

Remember that we are never too old for stories. No matter the situation, always remember that you are in a story — either yours or someone else’s. Make your story count but keep in mind that the way you tell yours is as important as the lesson it carries.

“Who cares if a story is true or not so long as it is told?”


No matter which grand tale you’re reading or what medium you’re immersing yourself in, there is always a lesson. The adventures and escapades you read or watched may not always be based on reality but it rests on you to make it real. Real as it can be through the lessons you take home and the characters you idolize. It may be heroes, faeries, dragons, or kings and queens who will whisk you off to the land of escapists but always remember to go back home. Even Cinderella only had until midnight.


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