As Graceful as a Park Jimin: Why We Love a Boy Who Dances

“In order to be a good soldier it is necessary to know how to dance.”

Plato himself said so.

You caught me, I just put that up there because I liked the quote. Also, Bulletproof Boyscouts sort of fits the soldier theme, and them being idols means they would definitely know how to dance.

K-Pop idols’ prerequisite before debut is you must at least have the basic skill in dancing honed through countless of practice. A typical training would involve 12-18 hours of repeated choreography practice until the dance and movement is ingrained into one’s muscle memory.

K-pop lovers know that this is all about the presentation. Countless hours just for a few minutes on stage. The perfectly coordinated and timed dance moves, flashy outfits, and stage gestures are all for the sake of showmanship. But how many of those who made it to the stage make the minute count and are able to entrance the audience solely with their performance? Quite a few, I’m sure. Especially with a wide range of audience with different preferences. The idol industry would not be thriving if not for the talents that have been attracting fans all over the world after all.

But for some, dancing comes effortlessly. It seems that certain idols are born to be the graceful creatures they are on stage. Among the likes of Taemin of SHINEE , Kai of EXO, Hoya, Taeyong and Ten of NCT and many more dancing idols out there, there is one Park Jimin from BTS.

Related image
Jimin (Left) & J-Hope (Right)

Now, BTS in my opinion has three amazing dancers namely J-Hope, Jimin and Jungkook and each one has their own distinctive style. This can clearly be seen even in their group stages that shows the three of them dancing to the same steps. The first member that caught my eye was of course the dancing king Hobi, then it shifted to the versatile and powerful maknae Jungkook. Then, after being with them for quite sometime I wondered why I didn’t notice Jimin the first time.

But first, why exactly do we love a boy who dances?

Image result for bts jimin contemporaryRelated image

A boy who dances is strong. It’s not just his physical ability to perform complex dance moves but also his strength of mind. Imagine dancing for countless of hours just to have that several minutes or even seconds to shine on stage. What keeps them going? Is that several minutes really worth all the sweat and tears shed during the practices? For them, it is an absolute yes. The strength of mind they had to have to keep their passion for dancing is enough reason to appreciate them. Dancers. They’re the ones who doesn’t break easy because they’re prepared for a bit of pain for the sake of beauty.

I also find that when you learn to appreciate the dancers, you start to appreciate the music that accompanies them. Even more so if it is their own. With every beat you see them move, with every breath you anticipate where their music will take them. It is truly a sight to watch.

A boy who dances is also someone unreal. The way they hold ridiculous expectations for themselves because they are their own harshest critics. They’re also one who would find solace in the training room because they know it’s the place where you can make mistakes, fall down, and start again from scratch if need be. All this just so they’re able to stand proudly on stage.

Finally, a boy who dances crosses that bridge to becoming a man. A man who knows that hard work is also another form of talent, and that perfection cannot be achieved but one must never stop striving for it.

Image result for jimin butterfly gif

All those and more applies to a boy who dances but I see them most in one Park Jimin.

Why then do we love a Park Jimin?

(From here on out, poetic words: off, fangirl mode: on. You have been warned.)

Park Jimin-BTS Spring Day fanart원본 이미지

He is known to be shy and adorable off stage but has unbeatable charisma on stage. His demeanor would completely change when he enters performance mode. From adorable to sexy real quick.

Related image
Did I say on stage? Uhh.. yeah just sitting works too.

He is also duality in the flesh. Despite his petite frame and known for being the shortest in the group, he has muscles built up due to years of dancing. Not the bulky sort but gracefully built on his body as if complementing his dancing form.

Jimin is also known for working tirelessly to perfect every movement for their performances. He’s meticulous and he’s never satisfied with just good, it has to be better or even best. He has been dancing up a storm since the start of BTS and he just keeps getting better and better with every comeback. He has been, and still is, one of the most hardworking member when it comes to dancing partly because he had to adjust his style at first. But his perseverance in training produced a performer born of his gracefulness in modern art laced with the power and energy of BTS.

At 2016 MAMA. Yes, that’s a blindfold.

He works so hard yet when he performs his heart out on stage, it would look effortless. At first it was the showy (yes, the abs) and charismatic (swag mochi?) stages that was his forte, but then he came to incorporate his previous dancing style–ballet/modern dance–to each of his stages, and that’s when the true and final form of Jimin came to be. It’s not so much as an exaggeration to say that he is gracefulness personified when onstage.

He’s not the top student in Busan Arts High School for nothing:

“Jimin, you got no jams.”
― RM

Related image
BTS Jimin Quotes by ZeroKara

Related imageRelated imageRelated imageRelated image

“Once you Jimin you can’t Jimout.”

But don’t trust my words for it. You can just see for yourself…

Here are some of my favorites among his many stages. I can’t say they’re the best ones but they showcase his versatility as a dancer and his unique stage presence that shines through. I might have missed some but feel free to share which ones, because noteworthy is not enough of a word for his stages and we have to appreciate each of them properly.


The blindfold performance that left me in awe. Not to mention J-Hope’s powerful presence complimenting his fluid one. How he dances like that with his eyes covered while most of us struggle even with both eyes open is the mystery that is Jimin. Now before you say that the cloth is transparent, according to several fan accounts who saw this performance live, J-Hope was guiding Jimin on stage even before the start of the performance which means he definitely can’t see all that clearly. But with or without the blindfold, he’s still one hell of a dancer.

(Side note: This performance in my opinion is one of BTS’ legendary stages along with Mic Drop Remix in MAMA 2017, not to exclude their AMA performance but their MAMA stages just slays.)


No stage lights, no fancy effects but just pure dancing Jimin. This was the behind the scenes when filming his solo short film in Wings. He’s also the one who sang this song (Lie) completing this already captivating performance.


Jimin in full performance mode. This is one of his best stages and Jimin just shined like the star he is. Introducing the bias wrecker in BTS:


Mostly I enjoyed watching this one because of the silhouette effects but because it’s also of Jimin. And the butterflies are lovely too but none lovelier than the one in their midst.


Did I say versatile? Yes. Definitely. Also, this is where modern dance Jimin made his comeback in full splendor. If you could make dancing look like flying, trust Jimin to do just that.

I don’t know if it’s just my biased colored lenses but I think Jimin trumps even the girls in gracefulness and fluidity in this modern dance performance.

And if those up there weren’t proof enough of the gracefulness of this boy and his hard work that is shown in his art, feel free to venture on YouTube for further evidence. Happy mochi hunting! Here’s a flying Jimin to end this appreciation post:

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the most graceful of them all?

“Go on your path, even if you live for a day.”
― Park Jimin

38 thoughts on “As Graceful as a Park Jimin: Why We Love a Boy Who Dances

  1. Chim Chim💜 He’s the most graceful person I’ve ever seen, to the point I sometimes think he’s too otherworldly to be a person… Unni this was a beautiful post and I especially loved this-‘Hard work is also another fork of talent’. It really is, as is evidenced by so many Kpop idols who’ve relied on nothing but their blood, sweat and tears (hehe😀) to get to where they stand right now. Another stage with graceful dancing by Jimin I’d recommend is Spring Day – that choreography was made for him!

    Liked by 4 people

    1. I considered putting spring day because that song is my queen! But then I loved it more when they performed it as a group though Jimin definitely shined there too!! Is there a solo of him performing Spring Day?

      Thank you Jaune! Now you see why Jimin is my header in twitter. Because he is the official bias wrecker in BTS really, and that gracefulness should be advertised. ❤

      Liked by 2 people

  2. There’s this really good friend of mine who had been ranting about Park Jimin, and how she would like to marry him one day, for ages. I guess, I get why she’s such a big fan of him now. It was a good post, thanks for letting me know more about him XD

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Oh my god, Chim ❤ When I saw the notif in my inbox, I legitimately squealed out loud. I agree on so many of your points! 3J is definitely dance line- speaking of, the Home Party performance was? Lit as hell?
    I have to say that my journey to stanning dance line was similar to yours- I first noticed our King And Saviour Hoseok (that man has no bones I swear), then Jungkook (it was mostly the covers I first watched- Rainism and Coming of Age Ceremony- that really shined for me). I'd say that where Hoseok appears to be natural talent and Jungkook appears to be a well-trained dancer, Jimin has a fluidity that's just.. artful. You'll notice it with more difficulty, but when it strikes you, it strikes you hard.
    Oh, and another amazing performance of Jimin's is, I feel, their cover of Shinhwa's Perfect Man! Bloody amazing ❤
    Great post!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Notif on your inbox… how? :’D
      Hoseok is a given and Kookie is definitely well trained add to the fact that he grew up to those talents around him. I freaking love Rainism by the way. And Jimin is- yes that’s the word I was looking for: fluid. ❤ I forgot about Perfect Man! The Jimin fancams for that are to die for.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha oops I meant mail notifications 😀
        Yes, I totally agree! Haha no biggie, hell knows I’m as forgetful as they come :’)
        By the way, I was wondering- I might have asked you before, but if I did I forgot… Who’s your BTS bias? Also, have you listened to Hixtape? If so, have any thoughts? 😀

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Sad to say (or is it?) I do not have a bias in BTS. It changes too frequently to say that I have one. And YES I’ve already listened to Hixtape and I have to say it’s heaven sent (hobi is an angel, so what did we expect)!!

          Liked by 1 person

  4. This is a great Jimin appreciation post! I wish I could do more than just ‘like’ it because I LOVE IT! You basically described exactly everything I love about Jimin and his dance skills! And why I, myself, love a man who can dance with such fluidity and strength all at the same time. To be quite honest, if it weren’t for some of the strong k-pop choreography and precision, I don’t think I would have fallen as hard for k-pop in general. BTS also made it easy because they have, in my opinion, one of the best choreography currently in the k-pop world. I’m not saying other groups lack but BTS seems to be more consistent and diverse.

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Thank you!! Though I haven’t covered most of what makes a Jimin (because that would have been a VERY long post), I’m happy I got to share my appreciation for his dancing style, and even happier that you like it too.
      They truly do! Their choreographies are one of the best and also the hardest out there. It’s also one of the first thing that I loved about them because I do love to dance too 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  5. I loved the way you described Jimin so much.
    His performance with Taemin is definitely my favourite one, I mean Taemin and Jimin back to back? What could be better than that?

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Ooh yes that 2min performance was definitely one to see! I hope we seem him collaborate more with other amazing dancers.
      Thank you so much for reminding me of that performance ☺️

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Unlike you, Jimin was the first dancer I really paid attention to. Since day one I thought he was the best dancer and honestly, even to this day, his style is still my favorite among all 3 main dancers. He’s amazing!

    However, I have to say that Jimin is clearly a perfectionist and he beats himself up trying to achieve perfection – something that is impossible. I don’t condone spending whole days in the practice room, leading yourself to exhaustion. In fact, although he’s still the one I enjoy seeing dance the most, hobi and even jungkook clearly have way more fun dancing and that I think is very valuable.

    In the end, as someone who dances, I think dance should be fun. And we as humans should have limits on how much we push ourselves. I guess I’d love if Jimin knew that what he does is already enough. Way more than enough! And he could cut himself some slack and have fun.

    Loved your post!

    – Maia 💗

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yes I agree with what you said ahout JK and Hope, and that’s really attractive to see – them having so much fun while dancing. Maybe that’s also why they’re the first ones I noticed. But Jimin is slowly letting himself go too ^^ I think he said at one point that he’s spending less and less time in the practice room and actually going out to have fun.
      Spring Day was such a treat because I love his performance there too. But in Go Go he’s actually having fun with his members 😊

      We shouldn’t worry too much. Hobi will tell him off and JK would tease him for it. He’s too hardworking for his own good but he’s also someone in a team. They’ll definitely watch out for him.

      Thank you Maia ♥️


  7. I….LOVE…HIM!!!
    My beloved bias son of a God and a Godess ahhhhhh~
    He goes like “EXCUSE MEEEEEE”
    and then he is all like “LIEEEEEEEEEE” ser sexy OMG!!!!!
    Sorry…did I over fangirled?

    Liked by 2 people

  8. Reblogged this on .:shy:. and commented:
    I wanted to share this very well-put togther post from Chizurue. I felt she summarized not only what a skilled dancer Park Jimin (BTS) has become famously known for but why some people like me, love a strong, male dancer, whom also shows grace and beautiful lines.

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