If BTS Were Their Own Songs, Which Are They?

A post out of the blue. Chizu is lost and found in BTS.

A moment ago I was rewatching BTS DNA Comeback show and singing to Anpanman when I realized that up until this point, BTS has had different comeback concepts and dabbled in several genres, which is pretty satisfying to say the least. It means that they are not limited and are very much receptive to explore their musicality.

So with a variety of songs to choose from, if each member can be represented as one of their songs which would they be? I also did not purposely include their solo songs because that’d be unfair. Sue(ga) me.

RM would be “Anpanman”

The leader of the group is still just a kid as he said so himself. While he can be a soulful and introspective artist when it comes to his solo works which is very personal too, he knows how to have fun when he’s with his members. This can be seen especially in this stage in one of the biggest stages of the year in k-pop.

It portrays his playfulness, clumsiness and his ability to enjoy the things in life. As an artist who lives from stage to stage, it’s heartwarming to see that they enjoy performing even when it could be exhausting to live such a life.

RM can be seen in a suit similar to an astronaut. This performance also birthed “joon on the moon” memes. As his solo mixtape deemed him a moonchild and he followed through with his spacesuit.

Jin looks like “Go Go” is made for him

The first time I heard this song I was walking home from uni and I legit squealed out loud “Seokjiiin.” People around me probably startled but I was wearing earphones so I tuned out the world.

I said it before and I’ll say it again. This song is his and no one can tell me otherwise.

BTS has always been known for their extremely difficult and sharp choreography which is what endeared me to the group when I saw Dope for the first time. But from time to time the group will release something fun and laidback (like 21st Century Girls, Go Go, Anpanman) though the lyrics still talks about social issues. It’s relevancy wrapped in a fun box.

His playful and extra personality can be glimpsed even from the thumbnail. If you don’t know who is who in BTS I’m sure you can guess who Jin is from below.

Suga is doing a “Mic Drop” and no one can stop him

Min Yoongi might be a cat. Agust D, a realist. But Suga is a rapper for and with BTS and that means he can dish it out to protect his beloved members especially towards haters. Proving them wrong is his best way to silence them as he and his group repeatedly did through their achievements.

Every group needs a Yoongi in this cruel and harsh world. 

J-Hope is “Airplane pt.2

If you didn’t know J-Hope and you know about John Cena, then you didn’t really know John Cena.

“Yeah, Hope World.” I was yesterday years old ago when I discovered my typo in hearing (what?) because at the time I thought it was “yeah, whole world.” and I hate myself thinking about it.

Anyway, the point is (if I have any to make) is that J-Hope released a mixtape (Hope World) and there was a track called Airplane. It’s awesome you should go listen to the whole album and John Cena will agree with me because he loves J-Hope too! SO this track right here might be derived from that, hence pt.2. Not only for that but he also suits the song’s vibe with a Latin feeling. And though each member shined here, Hobi would be my pick for this one.

Jimin is gracefulness personified in “Spring Day”

If you have been following this blog for quite some time, you know I’ve already waxed poetic about this particular mochi in one special appreciation post: As Graceful as a Park Jimin: Why We Love a Boy Who Dances. So it’ll come as no surprise to see him in this beautiful and ethereal song.

And as the fandom used to say: “Spring Day is Queen.” I’ll add: “…and Jimin is her consort.”

V sings “Save Me + I’m Fine” straight to your heart

They say a captivating intro is already half the stage. In this I’m talking about the song I’m Fine where V delivers a soulful intro where it rips your heart to bits. The song is connected to their track Save Me and an ambigram was used to portray it.

Also, the setup of their performance and the overall choreography is just stunning. But at the end of it all, it’s Taehyung’s voice that still lingers in your head and the emotions he conveys. I feel like out of the members, he feels deeply the most and his sensitivity brought this song more depth.

To better understand the song, I highly recommend looking up the lyrics and turn to the international fan’s best friend, the golden trinity that is Han-Rom-Eng.

Jungkook the golden maknae is “IDOL”

Tannie replaced him…

IDOL really brings home the fact that our golden maknae is not a baby anymore and that he is all grown up. He has been showing us his growth since Fake Love –yes thAT AMA performance and quite literally too– or even before that, but since he’s a year younger than me I still consider him the baby of the group.

Then one IDOL performance and a dance practice later it sinks in and I was like who is this young adult?? Yeah, not a full adult yet but I’m not letting go of that young label anytime soon, JK.

There’s also the fact that the prejudice that idols have no talent and are only taken for their visuals is slowly disappearing. Idols are not just solely singers, dancers, nor rappers. They are artists who can do all of the above while looking cool, add that with a sharp choreography and stunning stage presence.

Not anyone can be an idol and some dedicate their entire youth training for it only to be thrust into the harsh and unforgiving eyes of the masses. JK practically grew up right in the center of it all and he has turned out to be the best representation of an idol for me. He’s a golden maknae because he practically can do anything thrown at him (except math & hold yoongi’s hand).

“If you can do it, JK probably does it better.”

I don’t have a bias in the group but if I did, Kookie would be pretty close. Maybe it’s also because I can see all the members in him.

“Even if your bias is not Jungkook, your bias’s bias is Jungkook.”

And that’s it for this out of the blue post. If you’re reading up to here or just skipped right to the end, thank you for reading still.. ❤ Happy holidays everyone!

It’s highly probable that this would be replacing the mic drop minion for the ending gif. Mic Drop. Peace out.

19 thoughts on “If BTS Were Their Own Songs, Which Are They?

  1. What a great comeback post! I’ve missed reading these 💜 I agree with each song you’ve selected and you’ve justified each choice beautifully! Thanks for this and have a very merry Christmas 💚😊

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Very interesting post! I tried to match a BTS song by member and found it difficult not to use their solo pieces. I definitely agree with you about Jungkook showing a bit of each of the other members in him. He was so young pre-debut and their debut year, the rest seemed to partially have raised him since his young teen years. And while that is not alien to both the kpop idol world and Asian culture really, it still boggles my mind what a great responsibility that is for the older members to play that role while they were also trying to figure out who they were and establish themselves as young adults.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is actually a bit difficult because in each of these songs I loved the other members too or their tone of voice suits one song perfectly but I decided to just put the first member that came to mind. : )
      They are all so precious ❤ Their teamwork probably grew stronger becoz of that too. To have someone so young to protect and to be an example of. They really protected and cared for each other and not just their youngest..

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I love this post. It’s really funny. Plus it’s made me want to revisit some of BTS’s songs and see where you were coming from. I absolutely agree that RM is Anpanman and Yoongi is Mic Drop. I wouldn’t be surprised if Yoongi wrote every lyric of that song. I personally would have thought Jimin was Paradise.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!
      This was a post out of the blue and amazingly enough I already had the pairings lined up in my head before I even wrote the first word! But I also had to put favorite tracks up there so… 🤣
      Your pick for Paradise is interesting! The rapline was the memorable one for me there especially Suga. It reminded me of his track ‘so far away’ from mixtape Agust D, especially the lyrics.


      1. I love it! You have a very interesting mind.
        I think it’s easy to assign songs to the rap line outside of the solo songs, because they write and produce a lot of them. It’s harder with vocal line.

        Paradise is a stand out track for me and I think the lyrics accurately describe Jimin’s struggle to constantly be what an “idol” should to be.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I get that and it goes for suga as well but he pretty much does his own thing with his usual swag but we only see what they show us so we really can’t say for sure.


          1. We will never know what is going on with them. Just like that news of them almost disbanding last year. All we can do is wish them well.
            Yoongi’s “don’t care” attitude is what is the most attractive about him.

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  4. My sister is a huge BTS fan, oh my God, she makes her own BTS videos, etc. So, I feel like I know enough about them now to comment. 😂 V is defo my fave, he’s certainly the most relatable, I think and the most authentic. You can just tell he feels a lot. Ironically, he’s also an ENFP like me, it took me about a few seconds to deduce by watching his facial expressions that he’s the same personality type lol. But I have to admit… Jungkook is the hottest. For sure. Wow level hot.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s awesome! Cool fan right there and content creator to boot.
      Glad you know them enough to pick faves wow. I mean they’re all authentic if I must say so and that’s what’s keeping me from having a bias in the group. I go through phases and it’s fun ❤
      I know what you mean about JK.. but I wasn't comfortable with it until just last year because I literally saw him as a baby for so long LOL

      Liked by 1 person

  5. I love your sleeping cat at the top of the site Chizu 🙂

    Anyway, I’m not a big BTS fan but I had fun reading which member you thought was which song. It was a very creative article that I never would have thought to do! Glad you shared this for the showcase 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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