Mulan Without Mushu: A Live Action Dishonor

Live Action Review: Rant Edition
Cousin Category
BEWARE OF SPOILERS and unintelligible rants ahead!

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New Year, New Chances. Same Dreams, Fresh Start. — Happy New Year!

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Why IDOL PRODUCER is Such a Treat for a Survival Show

“I always tell trainees there are no shortcuts, there is only practice, practice, never-ending repeated practice. Let it become a kind of habit, a routine.
Because the only thing that lets me have the courage to face all the sounds and lights is just the memories of my own body.”

Zhang Yixing
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What Makes KPop Special? — Tricia Bermudez


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Wonders of WordPress: Likes, Comments and Supportive Bloggers

See that little star on the bottom right side corner of posts in your feed? It could be more than a like and it signifies more for some..

That comment prompt at the bottom of each published post? It could just be a casual request but could also be a plea..

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A Girl With Her Head In The Clouds: Art by Ami

“Keep your head in the clouds, stars in your eyes and love in your heart, and you will be happy forever.”

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Continue, Don’t Quit: You Are Not in This Alone

“I may not know you. None of us might. But we’re all there for you and that’s what matters.”

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