Chihayafuru: Shimo no Ku (Second Verse) – Let’s Play Karuta Together!

“I don’t know which Karuta is most genuine. But don’t you think the Karuta world we love is greater towards the people who are in a team?”

(Arata to Shinobu)

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Chihayafuru: Kami no Ku (First Verse) – Let’s Play Karuta!

“There is no bad person who likes Karuta.”

—Ayase Chihaya

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Death Note Lighting Up My Laptop Screen

After feeling a little bit guilty on my less than enthusiastic or in other words lazy description of L on my Five Flaming Hotties post, I felt compelled to make amends. My sort of apology to the genius detective was finally checking out this spinoff of the original Death Note.

L’s legacy lives on as another detective takes up his mantle and engaging in another cat and mouse chase with the death note holders — or so it would it seem in the cover and description. Continue reading “Death Note Lighting Up My Laptop Screen”

Cat Mania, Rue’s Ramblings, Manga Recommendations and … More Cats.

It seems that some little bird informed another little bird about my obsession with cats. And then as if by magic some pictures appeared right under my nose to tease me.

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Death Note (2017)

So, Let’s talk about Netflix’s Death Note.

For anime fans and manga readers (like me), you’re probably familiar already with how the story goes. But for those who haven’t read or watched the manga or anime, well maybe you will get an idea of the plot if you had the chance to catch Netflix’s version of it. Continue reading “Death Note (2017)”