Dear Binge-Watcher… When Do You Actually Sleep?

When do I actually sleep? A question someone or anyone could have asked me if they have the guts to disturb my ongoing madness that is binge-watching.

The title also reminds me of that sticker: “Please do not disturb. I am disturbed enough already.” and that I have to get one of those.

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Ruler: Master of the Mask | Another Tale of Kings

Here is another drama with another stellar casting bait. I have already watched several dramas of Kim So Hyun and most of Yoo Seung Ho’s because I love them both and I sometimes can be an awesome binge watcher. Continue reading “Ruler: Master of the Mask | Another Tale of Kings”

The King in Love: A Three-Way Chemistry Was All I Needed

“This is the story of me, who loved you more than myself.”

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Page Turner — The Gift of Music

“Like a page turner who turns music sheets, they aid the performance in the closest place and do their best to make the performer shine.” 

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