Death Note Lighting Up My Laptop Screen

L’s legacy lives on as another detective takes up his mantle and engaging in another cat and mouse chase with the death note holders — or so it would it seem in the cover and description.

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Anime & Manga turned Live Action featuring Kento Yamazaki

There are so many cases of manga or anime turned into Live Action. But how often does it happen that the same actor portrays the main role as this rising star – Kento Yamazaki. Dubbed as the master of live adaptation of manga and anime by fans. Continue reading “Anime & Manga turned Live Action featuring Kento Yamazaki”

Death Note (2017) — Rants and Rambles

So, Let’s talk about Netflix’s Death Note.

For anime fans and manga readers like me, you’re probably already familiar with how the story goes. But for those who haven’t read the manga or watched the anime, well maybe you will get an idea of the plot if you had the chance to catch Netflix’s version of it. Continue reading “Death Note (2017) — Rants and Rambles”