New Year, New Chances. Same Dreams, Fresh Start. — Happy New Year!

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If BTS Were Their Own Songs, Which Are They?

A post out of the blue. Chizu is lost and found in BTS.

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Nothing To Do, Nowhere To Be But Not Exactly Free…

Writing this, I realized I have never been so scared. Scared to give it a name and give it power. Scared to be right and not knowing what to do and at the same time scared to be wrong and feel utterly without worth. Continue reading “Nothing To Do, Nowhere To Be But Not Exactly Free…”

Once in a Blue Moon

Hello everyone! Happy New Year!

I am back after how many days turned weeks but thankfully not months. I am very happy to share a piece of my happiness over the holidays – I am now (technically) a university graduate! Last December 25, 2017 was indeed a ‘merry’ christmas to me and my family.

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