My Mix Nine Playlist — Untitled No More

Mix Nine is a South Korean survival reality show on JTBC. In the show, YG Entertainment founder and producer Yang Hyun-suk travels to music agencies all over Korea to find up-and-coming K-pop stars. Continue reading “My Mix Nine Playlist — Untitled No More”

What is a blog for if not for my random fangirl thoughts …

I have been absent from my blog these days but not on purpose. I have been travelling and now ended up back home with a few pounds gained and less stress. But even before I got my gears back up for blogging, I was hit by two news from the K-pop scene: a beginning and an end. Both about an idol, the first one will begin a new life with the person he loves, while the other allegedly ended his life because of his one great love. Continue reading “What is a blog for if not for my random fangirl thoughts …”

Untitled Playlist: Titles don’t make playlists, songs do.

“Music is what feelings sound like out loud…”
― Georgia Cates

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Untitled Playlist — The First

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