Girl From Nowhere – A Series Review

If I have to choose a Thai series to start off my descent into their midst, I may just choose Girl From Nowhere just for this insightful review.
Kudos to @reikuhaku for this one!

Inks of Midnight

Girl From Nowhere: How Netflix’s Jane Doe is a modern Pandora’s box of high school secrets.

Girl From Nowhere is a 2018 Thai-language TV series starring Chicha Amatayakul. The plot revolves around Nanno, a girl who transfers to different schools and has the ability and will to expose everyone’s different stories of hypocrisy.

Date of release: August 8, 2018

You’re someone new to a school, you were given a fresh start, a hope for a new identity, maybe a pleasant life. But you were given a box of special gifts or everyone’s secrets and have the ability to expose them in exchange for your pleasant life, what would you do?

For Pandora, her curiosity got her to open the box and chaos came out. But for Netflix’s lead, she seems to be chaos itself, using her abilities to expose hypocrisy, high school after high school.

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Dear Binge-Watcher… When Do You Actually Sleep?

When do I actually sleep? A question someone or anyone could have asked me if they have the guts to disturb my ongoing madness that is binge-watching.

The title also reminds me of that sticker: “Please do not disturb. I am disturbed enough already.” and that I have to get one of those.

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New Year, New Chances. Same Dreams, Fresh Start. — Happy New Year!

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A Cup of 2018 | My Readings, Raves, and Lists: Too Many Tabs Open!

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Nothing To Do, Nowhere To Be But Not Exactly Free…

Writing this, I realized I have never been so scared. Scared to give it a name and give it power. Scared to be right and not knowing what to do and at the same time scared to be wrong and feel utterly without worth. Continue reading “Nothing To Do, Nowhere To Be But Not Exactly Free…”

Wonders of WordPress: Likes, Comments and Supportive Bloggers

See that little star on the bottom right side corner of posts in your feed? It could be more than a like and it signifies more for some..

That comment prompt at the bottom of each published post? It could just be a casual request but could also be a plea..

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A Girl With Her Head In The Clouds: Art by Ami

“Keep your head in the clouds, stars in your eyes and love in your heart, and you will be happy forever.”

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