Untitled Playlist is Back With Another Group of Tracks

We were only seven
But we have you all now
After seven winters and springs
At the tips of our entwined fingers
Yeah, we got to heaven

If you have been following this blog for a while you would notice little BTS references here and there. And if my blog background image is not screaming that I am a fan of this group then I should have been clearer with words: yes I am indeed a big admirer of the group called bangtan sonyeondan.
I have so many of their tracks on repeat but I will only share some of the more recent additions and limit myself to three to be able to give space to other artists too!

We are Bulletproof : the Eternal is a gem of a song. The lyrics and the creative animation in the music video emphasizes their struggles and how they overcame them to be able to stand where they are now. It can be said that it’s a page in the book of the group’s story. This is an inspiring and touching tribute to their fans and to each other.

Moon is also one of the tracks from their latest album Map of the Soul: 7, and it is a solo track sung by Jin who by the way is the eldest member of the group and an amazing vocalist. I remembered the first time I listened to their album, this track just got to me and never left me since. It is cheerful and optimistic, it gives you energy as you listen, and overall just a beautiful song which reminds me a lot of the singer itself – Kim Seokjin. Even the lyrics are so lovely.

Sweet Night by BTS member V is also a well loved song from my ‘can’t get out of my head and usually on repeat songs‘ these days. His deep and soothing voice matches the music and perfect for a drama soundtrack. It makes me want to watch the series too! Even my brother listens to this song because he said he likes V’s voice. And also on the plus side, the lyrics are all in english so we can easily sing along.

IU’s eight (Prod. & Feat. SUGA of BTS). Can I just tattoo this song inside my brain because I am in love with this one. IU has been a constant on my playlist but this song really hit a spot. Moreover, it was a pleasant surprise that Suga was featured and was also credited as the producer of the song. The melody, the lyrics and the music video are all on point. The acoustic version that IU gifted us with is also not to be missed. She rapped SUGA’s part in her style and it was awesome.

I have yet to get through this series and I only watched the first episode because of curiosity but their theme song is an incredibly upbeat and inspiring track by IU – Into the I-LAND. Maybe it’s the influence of the track and the artist who sang it but this show seems promising. The show is also produced by hitman Bang who is BTS’s boss, so I may just check this series out and get to the end of another grueling idol survival show.

Young K’s Greatest. This guy has proved again and again what a talented lyricist and composer he is and not to mention his strong vocal ability. This one will be staying in my playlist for a bit until the next DAY6 song hit me or an eaJ or Young K tracks.

Have I been under a rock? I only discovered this recently and naturally Do Kyungsoo made me regret not checking this out sooner. It is has a soothing, gentle and hopeful tone. It’s a very D.O kind of song too. It fits his voice and the lyrics get conveyed straight through, because if you know his personality you know he’s real and doesn’t like to pretend. Straight up savage but with a smile. But ‘That’s Okay‘ we love Kyungsoo anyway.

My Psycho obsession started when I saw the cover performance of some of the boy group idols and was struck stupid on how catchy and addicting this song is. Red Velvet even proved they can sing it as perfectly in the live version as if it was prerecorded. It was a blessing to the ears.

Jaehyun. This guy just tears you to shreds in this video. I was supposed to be listening to his cover of the song but there I was fangirling over the fact that this guy is too beautiful to be real. Boyfriend-material vibes all throughout the video, and Jaehyun over here just gave us a virtual date in London.

I Like Me Better just got better with you.
Lauv, chizu

If you don’t know who WOODZ is you probably know Cho Seungyoun (if not still, maybe Luizy). Sengyoun is a member of the group UNIQ but they are currently inactive as a unit and the members are all doing their own thing. Seungyoun is an allrounder artist. He sings, he dances, he raps and he’s funny too. Too bad the group from the survival show he was recently in fell through, but as a solo artist he will definitely shine best. I am still listening to POOL and it has been a while since I’ve discovered this song.

Another one on the list is Loyal Brave True by Christina Aguilera from the highly anticipated live action adaptation of Mulan. I just love the lyrics and how it references to the original song in the animation (‘Reflection’). The build up at the beginning of the song was really to my liking and the lyrics are also pretty good.


Holy mochaa. Holy caffeine and holy OT12 fans of EXO. This was a beautiful surprise and a gift. I thought I was hallucinating when I saw the title and thought maybe it was fanmade video or something. Lu Han and Kris performing Coffee is surreal. I played this one again and again just to be sure and as a result it got stuck on my head. Love listening to it on repeat!
On a side note, Wu Yifan is just too cool here and I had to shake my caffeinated head to process this Kris. Also, Lu Han looks like he never ages.

I COULD NOT RESIST. I had to share this just because!! Their vocal controls though. Wow.

And that is it for this Untitled Playlist. If you have any recommendations for me just leave it in the comments below.
Thanks for reading!

28 thoughts on “Untitled Playlist is Back With Another Group of Tracks

        1. I would also like to recommend BTS’ Spring Day. It’s a classic and while I normally go to non-ballads first, this one is one I keep returning back to over and over again. Singularity is also a good on if you are in the mood for deep , yet soft vocals.

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  1. Ahhh, so many of my favorites on here ❤️ I have dynamite’s tropical and midnight remix on repeat 😂 But one of my all time favs from BTS is Mikrokosmos. IU’s Blueming is also one of my favs too

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Oooh nice! 💜
      Baekhyun’s Candy is really good too! Monster I’ve yet to listen to. Thanks for the recommendation! Feel free to drop some song recommendations in the comments here and there if you think of good ones in the future 😆

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  2. It’s amazing to see how many people are getting into K-Pop because of BTS nowadays. Although I’m no longer an ARMY, I still feel so proud of their achievements! All the collaboration songs that BTS did with female artists are great but IU’s Eight has to be a favourite of mine. And I totally understand how you get distracted by Jaehyun’s visuals, haha. I’ve been an NCTzen for over a year and I still can’t get over how good looking he is. I’ve also been really enjoying Stray Kids’ new album! The performance of Back Door is super cool and I’m so glad that they finally released the studio version for My Universe. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yesss. Definitely. I recently got my close friend into BTS and she’s even more committed to being an ARMY more than I am 😅
      RM’s collab with Younha has to be a another fave and suga’s far away with suran 😍
      Stray Kids! I am slowly getting back to them these days but not yet heard their new album.

      My bias in NCT is ten (esp in hit the stage) and taeyong, but I think jaehyun is slowly converting me into his side ever since and I didn’t even notice until this cover..

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  3. Bulletproof Eternal gets me emotional every single time. V’s Sweet Night is my current go-to song. I just finished watching Itaewon Class a couple of weeks ago so this track has been close to my heart!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. If you get a chance I really do recommend adding Itaewon Class to your list of to-watch! 🙂 From my experience of watching K-drama/Asian dramas, Itaewon is so evolved. I love all the characters, for one. But more so, they tackle a lot of taboo topics we normally do not see in Asian drama – so I give it high respects!

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  4. Red velvet’s psycho is such a masterpiece. I loved your playlist, I just started listening to Kpop this year so I’m fairly new but I’m getting a hang of it except for the bias concept. I still can’t stan only one group.


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