Getting To Know DAY6 — A Not So Hidden Gem

DAY6 (“데이식스”)

A South Korean rock band ready to pull you in with their music, fantastic vocals and need I say it? — visuals.

DAY6 is the first band produced by JYP Entertainment, though extremely talented and a visually appealing group, they are relatively underrated in Korea. A not so hidden gem now in my eyes because I found them this year! Though technically they’re not “hidden” because they debuted already but yeah a hidden gem nonetheless to most k-pop fans.

They had an incredible year in 2017, they had a year long streak of sharing their music, doing concerts and promotions, a party which sadly I was late to joining. They had their “Every DAY6” project in which they released two songs a month and were later on compiled into a two full-length albums. How many group out there can pull off something like that? There is also the fact that most of their songs have a music video to accompany it. It was an ambitious project that they saw through until the end of 2017 and here I am in 2018 late but nevertheless a welcome (yeh right) addition to their listeners.

A godsend fan (ZhangLiyin only) shared this list in the comment section in one of their music video:

2017 EveryDAY6 Project (songs with music videos):

  1. EveryDAY6 january: I Wait
  2. EveryDAY6 february: You Were Beautiful
  3. EveryDAY6 march: How Can I Say
  4. EveryDAY6 april: I’m Serious
  5. EveryDAY6 may: DANCE DANCE
  6. EveryDAY6 june: I Smile (Album SUNRISE)
  7. EveryDAY6 july: Hi Hello
  8. EveryDAY6 august: What Can I Do
  9. EveryDAY6 september: I Loved You
  10. EveryDAY6 october: When you love someone
  11. EveryDAY6 november: All Alone
  12. EveryDAY6 december: I like you (Album MOONRISE)

I am not an expert in all things DAY6 so I’m compiling this information for you who might be interested in this band (it is my goal to convert you guys) and for me who is a newly minted My Day — their fandom’s name.

So, JYP and YG—both major entertainment companies in Korea—usually have those battles between their male trainees, and more often than not those who are involved in the battles ended up debuting at some point – GOT7, Winner, iKON, and DAY6. I was very much familiar with those first three groups, but it is only recently that I have become an ardent fan of the band DAY6. With my usual taste in K-pop groups who would heavily emphasize their dancing skills accompanied with their music, these boys were completely out of my radar back then.

Back in 2014, the group was originally called 5Live composed of Wonpil, Junhyeok, Sungjin, Jae, and Young K. Then the drummer Dowoon joined in 2015 and they changed their name into DAY6. They made their official debut on September 7, 2015 under JYP Entertainment with their song Congratulations. Currently, the group consists of five members (when one member left for personal reasons):

  • Sungjin (Park Sungjin) — Leader, Main Vocalist, Guitarist. Jae says he looks like Bob the Builder though I can’t seem to see it.
  • Jae (Park Jae Hyung) — Main Guitarist, Lead Vocalist, Rapper. He’s also know as Chicken Little for looking similar to the character and I wholeheartedly agree! He has his own Youtube channel (JaeSix). Fluent in English so we can definitely converse. He’s hilarious too and we do love boys who makes us laugh!
  • Young K (Brian Kang / Kang Young Hyun) — Main Rapper, Lead Vocalist, Bassist. Wants to be called Young K and not Brian, yeah sure. Most active in participating in the writing of their songs. Doesn’t hurt that he’s gorgeous too and with crazy high vocal range.
  • Wonpil (Kim Won Pil) — Lead Vocalist, Keyboardist, Synthesizer. A guy with lots and lots of aegyo and even I can tell from his facial expressions, not to mention his unique voice and handsome visuals too!
  • Dowoon (Yoon Do Woon) — Drummer, Maknae. I’m ashamed to admit I don’t know much about him aside from the fact that he’s the youngest, he’s from Busan and F(x) Amber’s favorite member.

It’s very obvious from this bullet point that I am in the foreign-member-or-fluent-in-english member phase—because of Jae and Young K—but I will endeavor to get to know them all more. I haven’t even started watching variety shows that these guys were in. God knows how many crazy facts I will hoard when I finally do.

I have yet to find a song I dislike from this band

I have a whole playlist of their songs with their two full length albums and I have not excluded any tracks. That’s how good their songs are to me. Most of the time, I have their songs on the background when I’m writing posts. Though this is not my first time stanning a K-pop band because I was a fan of CNBlue and FT Island too, but I never obsessed about a group like this and loved every single one of their songs (except BTS of course but then they’re technically not a band). Maybe it’s the novelty of it once again? Or they just appeared at a time I needed something new to listen to? Or probably just them being DAY6.

In no particular order, even though Congratulations still holds a piece of my heart, here are a few of my favorites. I tried to restrain my crazy fangirl heart and only shared my one-liner comments instead of a whole paragraph. I would have liked to talk about the technical aspect but I doubt I could be objective..

I Wait

You had me at ah yeh ~ 

I Smile

Is it not enough to have such a gorgeous music video, a killer track, visuals to boot but everyone has to have such fantastic vocals as well?

Better Better

Where you just seriously think: when am I getting this song out of my head?

P.S. Brian aka Young K looks gorgeous as always and damn how high does his vocal range go??


Was there ever a debut song this freaking good?

How Can I Say (“어떻게 말해”)

I can’t put the words together too ~ How can I say I love this band to bits in just one sentence?

P.S. Thank god for the subtitles in their music videos. International fans are very grateful.

Hi Hello

This mellow and slow song with its beautiful harmony hits just right to melt your heart.

I’m Serious (“장난 아닌데”)

Youthful and laid-back, DAY6 knows how to have fun too!

Letting Go (“놓아 놓아 놓아”)

Showing off the group’s harmony and their diverse vocals, and Brian (it’s Young K!!) raps here too, so just let go of your heart already…

I Like You “좋아합니다”

Jae, good to know you’ll be fine but I’m not after listening to this..

P.S. Back at you guys. I like you too.

I Loved You

Just make a movie already you guys, you could name it “Movie Day6” project.

100 seconds of JYP songs

We love JYPnation songs but especially if it’s the DAY6 version. Full cover versions please!

2017 MAMA in Hong Kong GOT7 & DAY6 – Never Ever (Rock Ver.)

How this group did not get a solo performance in MAMA (with their own song) is beyond me, but their performance with GOT7 was awesome as well though a bit short.

P.S. How did they not win best band releasing quality songs every month for the whole 2017? This group is so underrated to say the least!

I was pulled into this one hell of a boy band by their member Young K through the show Stray Kids and I have been thankful for it ever since.

I am on now in a Jae phase but I have a feeling that it will be very hard to choose a bias in this group so I won’t even try at all.

I really wish that this band will gain more love and attention for their outstanding talents, impressive music, as well as their stunning visuals. Hope you join me in this roller coaster ride of getting to know DAY6 more! Lookie here, I just found a perfect tweet to summarize this post.

So… with me on this?

11 thoughts on “Getting To Know DAY6 — A Not So Hidden Gem

  1. I was wondering how long it would take for you to make an all-out rave post about DAY6!😁 They deserve it though; one of my all-time favourite K-pop groups and a hidden gem indeed! I have yet to find a song I don’t like of theirs, just like you unni, and as for a bias, well, Brian has had my heart since the first time I laid eyes on him (music video for What Can I Do) ♥️. Your recommendations are great and I’d like to add I Would and When You Love Someone as my personal favourites! The latter song having really helped me through some difficult times😊. Their live performances are the best; it’s unfair for one group to have four brilliant vocalists! And of course our cutie drummer Dowoon♥️😊 This comment has gone on too long so I’ll wrap it up here: stan talent, stan DAY6!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. You know me so well LOL. They are such a talented group of boys that I can’t bear to choose just one, but I agree Brian is really something. I haven’t even heard one song of theirs but I was ready to join the fandom back when I saw him in Stray Kids.
      I would really like to hear/see them live. Crazy vocals these four have and let’s wait for the maknae drummer because I’m sure he will catch up to them soon! (I heard he’s getting vocal lessons)

      Liked by 2 people

  2. To begin with, I love how the hangul says “dei suicseu”.


    (poor brian though it’s so sad and funny to see him go like “brian who’s brian nope young k here” i love that man so much)

    I relate haha I Wait definitely had me at ah yeh as well:)))

    Brian’s voice range goes higher than my standards and since I watch K-Pop and K-Dramas all day, that says something.


    I’m totally with you on this haha :’)

    Great post!!! Yes I did update this comment as I was moving through the post:)) I died multiple times, thank you 💛


    1. I actually recognized those characters! I’m slowly starting to actually, but more on names and short bits. Whatever name brian goes with I love him anyways so he should just accept it! Jae also has crazy vocal range…I think all four of them does! Seriously so talented these guys.

      Thank you ^^ I just had to share because I am going out of my mind discovering this group that I needed an outlet.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I found hangul to be a pretty easy alphabet to learn. And same! Oh my, all of them have extremely good vocal ranges….

        I understand! I’m definitely probably going to rave about Circle as soon as I’m done with it.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. I’ve been meaning to give DAY6 a go for awhile now so thank you for this post! I was really impressed with their rock version/collaboration with GOT7’s Never Ever at MAMA 2017. In fact, I wish they really collaborated that song for sale on iTunes so I can download it.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of this band! And you know I love my K-pop! Of course, I’m commenting before I listen which is dumb, becauee I’ll probably go back and listen and think ‘oh! I know this song! … And this one!’ lol! We’ll see, going to check it out now!!

    Liked by 1 person

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