The Sea King by C.L. Wilson


My first buddy read! A bookworm achievement unlocked thanks to story_girl inviting me to read this with her.

“Calbernans didn’t fear a woman’s strength. They celebrated it. Admired it. Wed it, if they were lucky enough.”

Summer’s real name is: “Gabriella Aretta Rosadora Liliana Elaine Coruscate” (copied and pasted that cause who can remember a name that long??!)

And our Pira- I mean Sealord’s official title? Sealord Dilys Merimydion, son of the Myerial Alysaldria I, Lord Protector of Calberna, Keeper of the Golden Isle of Cali Kai Meri, Admiral of the First Fleet, Commander of the Seadragons, the most celebrated battlegroup of the Calbernan Navy, and Captain of the Kracken, flagship of the Seadragon. (Daenerys would feel threatened!)

Full review: The Sea King by C.L. Wilson


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