What’s Up Wednesday: Books to look forward to while catching up

There have been quite a setback in my reading progress after my more than one month vacation, but I still haven’t abandoned the bookworld completely. In fact my TBR just expanded with one or two or three more books. Continue reading “What’s Up Wednesday: Books to look forward to while catching up”


Books Keeping Me Timid: Top 5 Intimidating Ones

“… a mind needs books as a sword needs a whetstone, if it is to keep its edge.” 
― George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones

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Can December be any more NEAT than it already was?

Beware reader: This will be quite a long post I think (a thousand words and more). Partly due to several questions I have to tackle and of course just because I can make it one (perks of blogging). I am giving you permission to skim through but don’t forget to check out the awesome bloggers mentioned all throughout this ‘neat’ post (if I do say so myself). Continue reading “Can December be any more NEAT than it already was?”

Your Highness—

It has come to my attention that your library isn’t a library, but rather a personal collection for only you and your esteemed father to enjoy. As many of your million books seem to be present and underused, I must beg you to grant me permission to borrow a few so that they might receive the attention they deserve. Since I am deprived of company and entertainment, this act of kindness is the least someone of your importance could deign to bestow upon a lowly, miserable wretch such as I.

Yours most truly,
Celaena Sardothien

via The Quote Hoarder: The Bookworm Assassin

Once in a Blue Moon

Hello everyone! Happy New Year!

I am back after how many days turned weeks but thankfully not months. I am very happy to share a piece of my happiness over the holidays – I am now (technically) a university graduate! Last December 25, 2017 was indeed a ‘merry’ christmas to me and my family.

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