Books I Hope Santa Brings | Hardcover Version

“The collector is an artist in their own way, by the way they put things together. You can read a person’s soul from their collection.”
— Ayers Tarantino.

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. If you’d like to participate just visit their blog and voila – welcome to Tuesday parties!

I have already been planning my bookshelves long before I set my foot back home. But the design of the bookshelf is still undecided (and I’m fresh out of ideas) so if you have any cool pics or ideas, please help this poor bookworm.

Before I get ahead of myself and start my collection, I remembered that I still have more books to hoard! And note that I will now be starting to buy books in hardcover. Wish me luck on my savings… Or Santa could drop by and deliver these books on my doorstep. Now, that would be the best Christmas yet!

Here’s my Top Ten (and more) Tuesday books:




In my defense, I am aiming to complete my collection of these series so most of them are personal favorites or recurring books on my lists. I would have made another top [more than] ten list but then I’d be lying because I’m really hoping Santa (aka Mother dear) smiles down on me and grants me some of these books in their hardcover version.

book dragon hoard
by Iguana Mouth

And that’s it for this week’s Top Ten Tuesday!

What’s yours? And may I ask who is your Santa? Feel free to share some of your links down below if I hadn’t already visited your list. Happy bookworm Christmas everyone!

19 thoughts on “Books I Hope Santa Brings | Hardcover Version

  1. Oh I just recently read a bunch of those! The latest being Crooked Kingdom.
    But yes, that would be awesome if it came Chi-san!

    I’m getting a christmas gift I paid for ^^
    The Kwon Jiyong Album.
    I can’t say in words my happiness (My english RIP)

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    1. I now wish I had bought the physical album of Love Yourself: Her as a gift for myself too… But I guess I’ll be relying on my bookworm side for a while … Good for you Riri! Will be reading that soon too ^^

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      1. Oh my god, yes!

        Still, books are awesome too right? I mean your picks are worth missing an album. Maybe.

        Irrelevant question, do you have any physical albums of Kpop?

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  2. Great list! And I do not blame you one bit for wanting the hardcover versions of these books. Caraval and the Six of Crows books are especially beautiful in my opinion. I actually almost put Crooked Kingdom on my list this week because it’s so gorgeous but I haven’t even read the first one yet, so I decided to hold off. I hope you get some of these this holiday season!!

    ~ Lefty @ The Left-Handed Book Lover

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    1. Thank you! I was contemplating on taking some out but it would have been heartbreaking to choose so just included them all lol. I already got some of them but not in hardcover.. Happy waiting for Santa to you!! ^^


  3. OMG, these are just all such great books! I would love to have all of these in hardcover, especially ACOMAF and Caraval.I love that first book but I don’ even physically own it!!
    I see SO MANY beautiful things on this list! I would honestly die to get any of these for Christmas!

    My TTT:

    My TTT:

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    1. I own some of these books already but not in hardcover. The greedy bookworm collector in me wants it in hardcover for my colllection. Yes, I know! So many books but so rare the Santa(s) this Christmas ^^
      Happy winter reading!!

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