a TINY update: where to find Chizurue?

“Little by little, the bird makes its nest.”

Even a regular update just had to have a quote. Right. It’s just a TINY update after all.

So just in case you were wondering where the hell my blog is, or maybe you were missing me and decided to visit, I recently changed my blog address to:


Image result for minions gif

It just had to be done. And may I just say that wordpress is still a mystery to me. It’s a jungle! I got scared of the wild and unknown and all that, but in the end I just had to. So there it is.

The predecessor blog address is on a temporary break and probably out there doing yoga somewhere looking for inner peace. But it’s the same old Chizurue here, just with a shiny new blog address. So if you’re looking to link with my blog, or to stalk me or to just drop by to say hi or even just drop by, you’ll find me here. Just change the ‘chzurue’ bit to ‘ofmidnightravings’ and voila –there are my posts again.

It was inconsiderate of me to post this a few hours later after said impulsive change. My apologies. But better late than much later! Riight?? Thank you for your understanding. 😺

That’s all for this tiny update!

Related image
Sleep.. at last.

9 thoughts on “a TINY update: where to find Chizurue?

  1. Just wanted to let you know, the home page button on the top of this page isn’t working Chi-san~
    I think you have to change the link in the customise page (maybe, I’m not great with electronics.)

    Your new name sounds really cool btw!

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