Black Clover: The Magic Knights’ Squad Sorting Exam

Black Clover Episode 4-5

Okay, so I have finally watched the episode 5 of the anime Black Clover. This is one of those times where my binge watch mood skipped over to the next session or I got curious enough to see what happens next.

So what really caught my attention this time was The Magic Knights of Clover Kingdom. 

The entrance exam very much reminded me of Harry Potter with the brooms and the magic and of course the sorting. Evidently not all of them will pass the Magic Knights entrance exam but our two MCs (Asta and Yuno) obviously would. No use pretending we were shocked when no one offered for Asta .. at first, because how then would he start on his path to become the Wizard King if he failed. They could have gone on with that too and Asta bounces back from his failure but the writers probably thought it would be better to just start it off right away.

Since I am not familiar with the story (yes, I have not read the manga…yet). I thought it would be interesting to judge each squad by my first impressions even though Asta disagrees. Normally, I would be the same and not judge by the cover, but I figured it would be fun to choose what squad I would be in if I were to choose (assuming all 9 captains raised their hands for me like with Yuno) just based on my first impression of them.

We totally should!

In order of their introduction in Episode 4 (courtesy of one Sekke Bronzazza):

  • Yami Sukehiro’s Black Bull

The bad boys, the rebels and the troublemaker of the lot, or so it would seem.

Right off the bat, considering Asta’s run in with their Captain, it’s pretty obvious that the 5-leafed clover grimoire holder would be sorted to this squad. And I have been wondering why they have been glossing over that fact. If a four-leafed clover is such a big deal, why did they not notice that Asta is holding a five-leafed one? Or was his grimoire just too dirty to see??

Wise words, dancho.

  • Nozel Silva’s Silver Eagles

That air of royalty and entitlement can be sniffed out a mile away.

They said that only nobles and royalty are allowed in this squad. Maybe others with amazing hairstyles will be welcomed too if one can surpass this level of awesomeness by their Captain. Vanity is thy name, Silva. And it’s cute how they match the name of each squad to certain traits or appearance of its captain (maybe so it would be easier to remember).

  • Fuegoleon Vermillion’s Crimson Lion Kings 
Flame user. ‘Nuff said.

  • Jack the Ripper’s Green Praying Mantis

Evil. Or maybe cunning or sneaky. That’s my impression of this captain. Apparently, the Ripper’s magic can split the earth in two. Could the same be said in regards to his personality? Dual-faced character would be a good concept after all. Hmm…

  • Charlotte Roselei’s Blue Rose Knights 

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, Asta. Not everyone thinks Sister Lily is the most beautiful. After the Ripper’s introduction we can definitely say it is obvious that Charlotte-sama (as Sekke calls her) is the rose of the magic knights. But be careful of roses though – they have prickly thorns.

  • Gueldre Poizot’s Purple Orcas

“What big teeth you have!” – “Better to smile at you, kid.” If you call that smiling. I seriously have no idea about this squad. Maybe the stoic ones?

  • Dorothy Unsworth’s Coral Peacocks

They say that all she does is sleep.” (Same, girl. Same!) Me and their captain would get along very well. What sorcery is she using to sleepwalk and sleep-pick like that? Geez, anime sure is the world of impossible turning to possibles.

They also say that it is the quiet ones you have to watch out for. Or in this case – the sleepy ones. Be careful when waking the dragon!

  • Rill Boismortier’s Aqua Deer 

Aww.. Look at that innocent smile. Not buying that for one second.

He may be the youngest, being only 19 years old, but I’m betting this kid did not become captain by smiling his way through his enemies. Or maybe he did? All that charm should work on someone.

  • William Vangeance’s Golden Dawn

Weeeell.. they say save the best for last so here he is – the preening peacock, the top dog, or what other terms are there for the number one candidate to be the Wizard King.

Definitely a peacock.

Why do they always assign gold to the most important someone somewhere? Don’t they know that silver is rarer than gold? (Don’t tell Silva or his head will be bigger for it). Anyway, it should have been diamonds or something like that. Seeing that Yuno is one diamond in the rough, he definitely fits in this squad.

So, if I were this judgie little birdie, who would I pick?

Definitely not Jack the Ripper cause he creeps me out (Sorry, Sekke you’re stuck with him). The flame user might be a hothead so he will not have the patience for me. Not the black bull captain even though he has interesting sidekicks. I would be a weed in a field of roses if I joined Charlotte’s, so pass. The silver eagles are too haughty and proud for my taste that I would probably want to smash the captain’s head back down to earth. The youngest’s squad didn’t even cross my mind and no clue as to why (I added this after realizing I forgot about him LOL). Poizot? Just NO. It would be a tie between Dorothy’s sleeping club and my ambition to be the best with William’s golden dawn.

That being said, I would be an indecisive little girl in that arena so I would probably be kicked out. Which would be a good thing for our MCs since one less rival to contend with, right?

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