Revisiting the Songs in Uta no Prince Sama

As a lover of music, and crazy about anime. My fangirl heart demanded that I re-watch Uta no Prince Sama. I should probably add that to my profile – a professional re-watcher if there is such a thing.

🎤 🎧  🎼  🎹  🎷 🎶

Ittoki Otoya, “Brand New Melody”

“Lets smile with everything we got, and strive for tomorrow.
Make a peace sign with 100% energy..” 🎶

Red. Red is the color of fire and passion, and Ittoki Otoya is as lively as one would expect in that kind of boy-next-door feels. This sort of feels like I’m playing the otome game myself and choosing among them boys tho. And there are those times when he loses his color too. Literally. Beware of his roommate’s advice-turned-lecture:

Hijirikawa Masato, “Knocking on the Mind”

Okay, the first time I watched this I was totally in love with Masato when he played the piano. His song was my favorite back then! Duh. Men with their instruments can sure melt the heart of a girl, even if said man is an anime character.

“Wipe your tears,
cause someday it’ll get started.
The future will shine,
glistening as if from a thaw…” 🎹

Jinguji Ren, “Sekai no Hate Made Believe Heart”

While his rival plays the piano, Ren plays the Saxophone. Well suited for his playboy image and happy-go-lucky ways. But this time his song is dedicated to one particular girl

“The goddess of love must be fond of him.”

“In the classroom with the dancing sunset
I was watching only you.
Those eyes glittering more than the stars, knocked me out.”  🎷

Shinomiya Natsuki, “Orion de Shout Out”


“Buzzing shadow minds,
almost driven to madness: ‘Who am I?’ …”
“Be a color that suits you …” 🎤

The puppy demeanor and clueless bully (only to Syo) versus the irritable genius composer. There should have been two different songs dedicated to each of his alter ego. The man with the split personality! But I’ll take him anyway I can get him.

Kurusu Syo, “Otokogi Zenkai Go! Fight!!


Here goes my favorite visual! This guy in my eyes is just.. COLORFUL for some reason. Maybe it’s his pinkish hair or his personality or maybe because I got tons of screenshots of the variety of his expressions right here:

His catchphrase? “Let go of me!” 放せ(hanase). Thanks to Natsuki and his relentless bullying. IT WAS HILARIOUS. Come to think of it, most of his expressions up there is courtesy of Natsuki the bully. Wow, he brings out the worst (or best?) in him that’s for sure.

Aijima Cecil – “Eternity Love”

Muse, the guardian deity who guided us, speaks thus: ‘The days of doubt will continue. But they exist to challenge you, to spin out something rich and beautiful. In the course of time, what you create will likely bring about a miracle.'”

Well said, Cecil-san.

Ichinose Tokiya, “Nanairo no Compass”

The song that started it all for our heroine, Nanami. Take note fangirls, this girl is doing it right. To pursue her dreams of music and composition, Nanami holds her idol’s music close to her heart. It is what kept her going and eventually led her to realizing her dreams.

Ichinose Tokiya, “Believe My Voice”

I got hooked from episode 1 because of this song (Believe My Voice). This VOICE! He sounded so much like my favorite singer back then. So I just had to listen to more of it. Talk about that LAST VOICE SYNDROME.

Nobody really believes you have twin, Tokiya. We’re just playing along.

Starish, “Magi Love 1000%”

The person that is in the forefront of my mind with this is song is that nosey Headmaster. He was the person responsible for the birth of a new group, but also the most eccentric character in the show. You just never know where or when he’ll pop out!

My favorite on my Uta Pri song list with Masato’s song! This song is just .. beautiful. The melody & harmony, the lyrics and of course their voices too! All of that combined then add the stunning visuals of the boys as cherry on top – you won’t stand a chance against this one.

What visuals?

To end this Uta Pri music appreciation post (because I feel like it will never end if I ramble on), here’s Shibuya Tomochika summing the feels in one sentence:

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