Mahoutsukai no Yome: First Impression

“If you ever feel like giving up on life, why don’t you try giving yourself to someone who wants you?”

Mahoutsukai no Yome (The Ancient Magus’ Bride) Episodes 1-4

It seems that I am aimlessly watching whatever I see first these days. I found another anime with only four episodes so far so I started watching right from the get go without any background whatsoever. I sort of decided from the start that I wanted to be surprised. Without any expectations and prior knowledge about an anime, I might like it or I might not. Simple as that.

But unlike my experience with Black Clover, Mahoutsukai no Yome (The Ancient Magus’ Bride) is something that I should have researched about first. Had I been in my right mind, it would have taken a google search and a quick read in the comments section to realize that I should have watched the OVA first..? But I only realized that after I finished four episodes – so I’m rolling with that.

Nonetheless, I like the how it started from the first episode. It was an auction of sorts and it sort of made you wonder about how it came to be and what are the circumstances of the girl. The main character – Hatori Chise is bought by a mage named Elias Ainsworth  (also referred to as the Thorn Mage) and made as his apprentice and she will also be his wife (much to Chise’s surprise). No surprise there since it is on the title of the anime itself.

I had thought the second episode would shed some light about Chise. Why does she feel lifeless and lost? Why did she sell herself? All probably because I was a dummy who didn’t watch the ova first.

To be honest, it was a pretty slow watch for me. I felt like there wasn’t much that is happening in the first two episodes. An introduction to the world, and some fairies, and then there was the term Sleigh Beggy. I was curious about this one. I was waiting for them to elaborate but it seems that it will be revealed as the story progresses.

Then the dragons woke me up. Literally.

I was surprised by the dragon and I thought Chise’s end was a bit too early being scarfed down by the beast! But thankfully it was just a grand entrance for another mage who is the caretaker of the dragons. (Having How To Train Your Dragon feels heeere.)

“We don’t fear death the way you humans do.”

The introduction and the details about the dragons was what caught me in this episode. It was pretty interesting to see another depiction of a dragon here when I have read so many versions of them in several novels – dragons as hoarders, as king of the Wyr, as shapeshifters and so many more (Yes, that’s a Thea Harrison book reference right there). In here though, dragons were beings who meet their end beautifully, in a way. They eventually turn into trees or become part of nature itself. A very meaningful way to begin the end to one’s life. It reminds me of the giving tree – especially when the old dragon offered Chise the use of his branches for when she makes her wand.

“I can’t help but be a little envious of the peaceful way he passed.” 

Then as if willing me to finish the last episode, they go to the next species I adore – CATS. Gah this anime is playing with me I feel.

“We cats become wiser with each life.”

Look at this beauty!

Yes, I know I’m beautiful.

Anyway, cats also have their own royalty it seems. Not surprising because even real life cats feel as if they are royalty themselves – lazy, self-possessed and gorgeous creatures that they are.

And as they have nine lives and this is a story set in a world of magic – some people covet what they do not have. Thus, the conflict arises wherein there is a malignant presence that Chise is assigned to banish herself.

By the way this girl (Chise) is always thrown in the water as if an introduction to her next ordeal.

I watched this one on a whim and will be checking out the next episodes just to know what happens next (this is how they get us to watch – I know!)

For fantasy lovers and magical creatures enthusiast like me, I am a bit enamored by this anime. The animation is great and the song at the start of each episode is also to my liking. In conclusion, a successful impulsive watch for me (yay!) even though I have had doubts in the beginning.

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