Black Clover: “Not giving up is my magic.”

“Not giving up is my magic.”

Black Clover Episodes 1 – 4

I got into this without any expectations nor any clue about this anime. I found that it has only 4 episodes so far so I decided to check it out.

The main characters Asta and Yuno, were orphans and are brought up in a church where they were left as babies. They grew up (duh). And it is obvious that the two have different personalities. Asta with his lively, and never-give-up attitude. And Yuno the stoic gifted one. Asta seems to be the kind of character who gets stronger when insulted, or to put it kindly the one with the strong desire to prove the others wrong. And Yuno is the crybaby turned effortless genius after being inspired by Asta when they were kids. I don’t mean to compare but you really can’t help it so here goes – Asta reminds me of Hinata Shouyo and Yuno is a bit like Kageyama Tobio (Haikyuu). 

I agree Asta-kun.

There is always that shouty main characters who are deemed as loser and talentless but revealed later on to have some kind of specialty.

Not to mention the main goal of our MCs are to be the Wizard King. Huh. Is this the part where I mention the goal of becoming a Hokage and the Naruto and Sasuke rivalry? The genius and the usuratonkachi. 

But the concept of the Grimoire and their clovers interests me. The three leafed clover which symbolizes faith, hope and love. The four leafed one adds good luck. And the fifth where in a demon resides. Yuno was chosen by a four-leafed Grimoire while Asta later discovers his own grimoire — a five-leafed clover.

“… is my magic”

As a fan of the fantasy genre and magic stuff even in books, of course Harry Potter also comes to mind. ”The wand chooses the wizard.” Well this time it’s the Grimoire. Not to mention those brooms. Oh c’mon!

Also there are those Magic Knights who are considered candidates to be the next Wizard King. Apparently, they are also the ones who will choose from the aspiring mages, including the two MCs, who will be added to their squad. The Magic Knight’s entrance exam begins and of course, Asta lags behind all of the candidates but made an impressive show at the end surprising the hell out of everyone except Yuno .. and me.

No idea if I will continue watching this but I like the visual of this anime and of course the genre – fantasy. What an escape from this boring life of mine into the world of magic and rivalries and shouty main characters who is always walking that thin line between perseverance and idiocy.

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