Another Untitled Playlist — Words Fail, Music Speaks

“Where words fail, music speaks.”
(Me: Especially when you don’t know Korean.)

D.O & Yoo Young Jin – Tell Me (What is Love)

My most played this week goes to this song.

Just when you think you have loved D.O’s voice enough to say that you have heard every song he has sung (not really coz he probably sings in the bathroom too, but you know my point), you stumble upon his collaboration with the singer-songwriter and record producer for various S.M. Entertainment artists, Yoo Young Jin (got that from google).

And I say stumble because why did I not remember hearing it before? Oh and I also like the music video.

Xiumin & Mark – Young & Free

Sm Station offers us different collaborations that we will never get to see in normal instances. Like NCT Mark and EXO Xiumin. The big bro and his dongsaeng. It’s cool seeing them have fun with this song and end up not awkward at all. It seems that these two have a closer relationship in real life rather than just labelmates. It’s no surprise since Xiumin takes care of the younger ones so well.

Bobby – IN LOVE

Now I know, I definitely have a thing for rappers who sing. From my first untitled playlist, it was GD who caught me by surprise. But then Bobby came along and drops his solo album containing several songs which I like, but his song IN LOVE was one of my favorites. Maybe because right from the start it just demands your attention. And probably because of the English parts too. It’s an understated song, with a hint of longing and just the right amount of sweetness to it.

Song Mino – Fear (feat. Taeyang)

I don’t usually watch Show Me The Money but when I do, it’s for YG fam (lol). I first encountered it when B.I and Bobby were on the show in Season 3. But this track that caught my attention was by Song Mino that is on Season 4.

This track is about Mino’s story. His life as a trainee, his hardwork and perseverance. A touching  rap with AMAZING VOCALS by no other than TAEYANG himself.

And incidentally, I found this mini collab between Kyuhyun (SM) and Mino (YG) which led me to watch this show – New Journey to the West. But that’s another story.

Look at these dorks switching parts. When will you ever see a collaboration like this?

While You Were Sleeping OST:

I am recently watching While You Were Sleeping, a korean drama starring Lee Jong Suk and Bae Suzy. Not only did I love how the story is progressing, I also learned to love these OSTs. How can you not when the line up includes amazing singers with voices fit for these kinds of songs that will melt your heart.

Eddy Kim – When Night Falls

Henry – It’s You

Henry always performs well. Even more so when he is singing in English. I love his vocals and I love this song!

Monogram – Lucid Dream

Kim Na Young – Maze

Henry – The Eve (Demo Version)

Have I already said that I love his voice? Check. Singing in English? Yep. So, it is no surprise that this one made it to my favorite playlist.

Henry – Pillowtalk Cover

Henry Lau please release another album soon! And english songs too, hopefully.

This guy is also good friends with another amazing singer – Amber Liu and I love her voice too! Go check that Llama out.

EXO – Angel Original English Version

Did you know that EXO’s Angel, which is a gem of a song, was originally by J. Lewis and with a title of ‘Eternally Lost‘? When I first found out about this waaay back during EXO’s first year, people have been always comparing the two versions: J. Lewis’ vs. EXO. But I learned to love the three versions (since there is also a Chinese version by EXO-M, apart from the Korean version by EXO-K). It had always felt like a treat to me that this song that I like has an English version which I can sing along to with ease since I do not speak the other two languages.

EXO – Promise

This is a scoundrel of a song. Sure to make me feel heartbroken and long for OT12 whenever I listen to it. It also didn’t help that Lay composed this with the help of his fellow members Chanyeol and Chen. Making this wholly personal to the members.

The rap part is especially touching in this song. And then when you read the lyrics it will mean so much more.

As you may have noticed, I included a few EXO songs but not the recent ones. It’s because I am slowly going back to the fandom once again. EXO was the first group I supported starting from their debut. I watched them begin, awkward at first and so so shy. Then they became this group who touched fans all over the world. I lost touch with them when members started falling off the wagon and leaving the hearts of members and fans alike broken..

BTS – Spring Day (Violin Cover)

I have obsessed with this song ever since BTS performed it on February this year. It felt like a birthday gift back then. Now, it is one of the songs that helps me concentrate on my task or even study. The violin is such a romantic instrument, and I love how it made the song so much better! And of course, Kudos to the girl who covered this song.

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