Anime & Manga turned Live Action featuring Kento Yamazaki

There are so many cases of manga or anime turned into Live Action. But how often does it happen that the same actor portrays the main role as this rising star – Kento Yamazaki. Dubbed as the master of live adaptation of manga and anime by fans. Continue reading “Anime & Manga turned Live Action featuring Kento Yamazaki”

Orange by Takano Ichigo: Bittersweet & Warm

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I never dreamed that the time would come that I would relate orange to tears. Orange is such a bright, vibrant color. But come to think of it, sunrise and sunset have hints of orange too. Sunrise and sunset denote beginning and end. Another day to live, another day to choose to keep going.  Continue reading “Orange by Takano Ichigo: Bittersweet & Warm”