Page Turner — The Gift of Music

“Like a page turner who turns music sheets, they aid the performance in the closest place and do their best to make the performer shine.” 

First of all, this was a whim caused by the drama While You Were Sleeping. Kim So Hyun’s performance in the drama made me miss her character in this three-episode special drama. Adding to that is also the brother of our main lead Jae Chan in the same drama, is also a character here in Page Turner. It’s good to see both of them find another happy not-yet-ending (even if long distance) in While You Were Sleeping. But here in this drama, they were rivals.

Native Title: 페이지 터너
Genres: Music, Comedy, School, Drama
Episodes: 3
Aired: Mar 26, 2016 – Apr 9, 2016
Duration: 60 min.

Yoo Seul is a genius pianist who is being pushed by the unrealized dreams of her mother. Cha Sik is a quick-tempered, driven athlete. A terrible accident entwines the lives of Yoon Yoo Seul and Jung Cha Sik and forces them to find a new direction in life. With the help of Cha Sik and rival Suh Jin Mok, can Yoo Seul find a new path to happiness and fulfillment?

“A piano prodigy who may never play again.” 

Jin Mok, who cannot take any more of the proud and haughty Yoo Seul prays that “Please judge the person that only boasts.” And as if his prayer was heard, Yoo Seul got into an accident and became blind.

“A star athlete who can never compete again”

Cha Sik, who broke records in sports was forced to quit due to injury he suffered.

What I loved about this drama?

The characters and their actors. 

Kim So Hyun who is the main lead brings to life with her amazing performance the character of Yoo Seul. She plays the bratty and proud genius pianist perfectly. But more than her bratty self, her character’s growth is definitely seen through her interactions with her rival Suh Jin Mok (Shin Jae Ha), and with her music lessons with her very own student in music Jung Cha Sik (Ji Soo).

Cha Sik, the star athlete, is a bright ball of sunshine and positivity in this three-episode drama who shines with his hard work and determination. Ji Soo who plays the character is well suited for this role not only due to his bright personality but also because of the depth of the emotions he brings into his performance. I think I cried along every time Cha Sik’s tears would fall.

There is also the rival Jin Mok portrayed by Shin Jae Ha, who is forever in the shadow of Yoo Seul’s genius. His part in this story is not only being a rival of the main character but also someone who is learning to let go of his negative emotions and finally getting the recognition he deserved.

The characters were well portrayed by the actors. The performance of each actor truly brings life to their characters and allows us to learn from their mistakes and also celebrate their triumph over their trials. Their acting was sincere and their performance with their pianos was very well done.

Another thing I greatly appreciated in the drama was the music. The classics. The piano. Where would I get to listen to this kind of music if it weren’t for this kind of drama? Which reminds me, the Chinese movie Secret is also another one and the manga turned anime turned Live Action Your Lie in April.

Each of their characters teaches us something

Yoo Seul, who teaches us that from every setback, you can always make a comeback if you love doing what you do. Doing it for yourself first and not for others is the key to enjoying what you do. And through teaching another, we can learn some things from the student ourselves. She learned to enjoy her music as it should be enjoyed and not just for the sake of winning.

Cha Sik showed us how to value those who support us (his Mom), even if it meant getting angry on her behalf that you break national records for her. He also symbolizes those who have lost something and is in the process of finding another dream to hold on to. In this case, he finds it in music and in the tutelage of Yoo Seul.

Jin Mok, who proves that hard work will never betray you. You do not have to be a genius, you can be a regular, normal kid and still be acknowledged for your skills borne through years of hard work. He showed us that letting go of your hatred and spite for someone is a process, a long and painful process. What you can do is willingly submit to it and learn from your past mistakes. He longs for acceptance and recognition just like everyone else, so it was rewarding, to say the least when he finally got it from is rival.

Also, a shout out to Cha Sik’s mom! This actress just knows how to bring the mom character into the light. She’s also Hong Joo’s mom in While You Were Sleeping by the way. I only realized this now. The mother and child scenes were so heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time. She supports her son even to the point of telling a lie just so he can climb back up again.

“I only had one thing. How can they take it away from me?”

The funny and surprising scenes

Right when you are ready to cry due to their dramatic dialogues and declarations, you get these kinds of scenes. When Yoo Seul was trying to do something she shouldn’t have:

Yoo Seul’s crash course for her student Cha Sik is funny as hell. The irritable instructor meets the trying hard student:

Cha Sik’s antics in trying to cheer Yoo Seul up:

To wrap it up..

Page Turner is a story of dreams, of youth, and of music.

“Like a page turner who turns music sheets, they aid the performance in the closest place and do their best to make the performer shine.” 

It is a story of three individuals: one who found music as his new dream, the other rediscovering that music is to be enjoyed, and the third one who seek only recognition through the music that he loves. They learned, they lived and they breathed music to each other’s life. They were the page turners to each other.

I really loved watching this the first time. It made me laugh, made me cry, and made me wonder about myself. If you have the time I suggest you go check out this drama. Even though it’s only three-episode long I assure you it will be worth the watch!

4 thoughts on “Page Turner — The Gift of Music

  1. This sounds interesting… And it has some great actors I’ve seen before…
    I’ll make sure to watch it as soon as I can! Thanks for the great review and analysis, Unni!

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