Untitled Playlist — The First

That is literally the name of the playlist that’s on my phone. Too lazy to type another. I rather like it tho. And it just happened that one of the songs is also named ‘Untitled’.

G-Dragon – Untitled, 2014

Don’t you just love the unexpected? Like a change in the title song. Or a rapper singing. It gives you the feeling of excitement and anticipation.

Untitled, 2014 is definitely my favorite song by G-Dragon. This is a song about a love he let go and a love gone by. It is a sentimental and sorrowful song.

Contrary to his usual rapping style, this is a delicate song. Simple, elegant music. His voice is accompanied by the piano which gives you a delicate, elegant feel to it. Much like the image portrayed by GD in the music video with his minimal but graceful movements which adds to the melodic effect. This guy is not G-Dragon in this one. This is Kwon Ji Yong.

I played this so much that I can actually sing along to this. For better pronunciation, I actually searched for the English and Romanized lyrics of this song!

Bigbang – Let’s Not Fall in Love

I wasn’t really a fan of Bigbang at first. I became a fan when they released their 3rd Korean album —MADE. The album was released in 2015 in four different single albums (M, A, D, & E), and then the full album was released on 2016.

This song was featured in their fourth single – E of the MADE series.

I think I’m attracted to this kind of songs from Bigbang. And also the fact that the rappers sang majority of the chorus! GD and TOP with their unique vocals, fits here in this song. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the whole album. Their wild parties, trips (?), sobriety issues, and even self-loathing were all featured in different songs in their MADE album.

But this song is not crazy, funny or wild or anything. It is serious and it is about love. I feel that the message they were trying to convey is that no matter how crazy and wild they get, when it comes to the matters of the heart – it will be taken seriously. But of course there is always the risk of falling out and hurting each other.

Taeyeon – I

This one is because of Ji Soo. Seriously! I was minding my own business watching that 3-episode drama called ‘Page Turner‘ and then Ji Soo, who was one of the characters, sang a part of this song when he was trying to cheer up the girl. And it didn’t help that he sang with his adorable voice thanks to the helium. So, the blasted song stuck and rest is history.

Thank you Ji Soo! I loved the original song AND the music video. Taeyeon with her amazing vocals is definitely slaying fans with her solo career. Google also said that they filmed the MV in Auckland, New Zealand. Wow. Just Wow.

Taemin – Sayonara Hitori/Goodbye

Hit The Stage! Alright! I have so many good memories listening to this. I love so many things about this song-slash-performance. Partially because it was what sold me to watch the whole season of Hit The Stage (only 10 Episodes sigh), eventually leading me to Ten (a great dancer by the way and part of the group called NCT), and mostly because I loved Taemin’s voice! Add that with the showmanship and Taemin’s incredible dance moves. Now that’s a killer right there.

Oh and did I mention that Koharu Sugawara, a Japanese choreographer whom I also adore, is also with Taemin here? Yes, this is definitely one of my favorites.

This is the Japanese Version of the song. “Sayonara Hitori” (and the dance practice version)

And no, they are not twins.

BTS – Spring Day

It was just after the rollercoaster that is the Most Beautiful Moment in Life (HHYH) series. It was also after their first win – and following the endless theories and plots which boggled the mind of ARMYs – came Spring Day, with its gorgeous melody and melancholic vibe.

This song is sad, but at the same time, hopeful. Spring Day is about losing someone, or maybe losing yourself depending on how you interpret the song. But the takeaway is that, they are where they were meant to be. We are all meant to move on. To not stay idle. No pain is forever and after going through it, you will be as new and fresh as a spring day.

I loved Jimin and V’s vocals in this song! Especially V’s part: “You know it all, you’re my best friend…” And the MV – those are amazing shots! The color –vibrant and alive.

Interesting fact:

In many ancient religions, certain gods and goddesses were “resurrected” on a yearly cycle, coinciding with the spring season. Every winter they would “die,” and every spring they would come back to life.

On the other side of death, there is new life.

BTS – Serendipity

Jimiiiiiiiin! Jimin got jams, you guys. He sounds incredible in this track. His voice is the highlight of this song for me. Those high notes and falsettos really gives you the feeling of being swept off. You will just melt with this song. It’s like you’re floating when you listen to this softie. Goosebumps all over when I first listened to this. I get goosebumps even now. My only regret was that it was too short!

BTS – Go Go

Track #8 in their latest EP Love Yourself: Her

This is a meme of a song. With their quirky dance moves, silly expressions and their going all over the place, portrays their lack of care and just YOLOing their way through. It is a self-deprecating and an almost sarcastic song which paints the youth of today.

According to Suga:

“The current generation uses phrases like YOLO and having fun squandering money, but I don’t think people think about why they use such terms so much even while using the terms.”

“It isn’t a BTS album if there isn’t a track criticizing society.”

I must say though, that this is a song perfect for Jin for some reason. Maybe it’s because of his usual weirdness and crazy antics that made him perfect for this, or maybe the simplicity of it and with the easy dance moves, we can clearly see him enjoying this.

Jungkook is definitely a great dancer. Even with the simple and comedic/meme-like dance moves, he shines through. His moves are powerful, energetic but at the same time he is relaxed. And Jimin? Jimin is just graceful. Really smooth and graceful and always breaking his neck (LOL).

This is a catchy and cheerful song, and I can’t get it out of my saved offline videos. Rather than just listen to the song on the album, I prefer watching them perform. Their delivery and performance of the song makes it much more likeable and fun! You’ll be YOLOYOLOYOLOYO-ing by the end of it.

JJ Project – Tomorrow Today

One of the most underrated songs in recent comebacks is Tomorrow, Today by JJ Project. After 5 years, the duo is back! And the song leading their return (Tomorrow, Today) is definitely different from their debut song ‘Bounce’ – which is an upbeat, fun party track. This one is more mature, with a laid-back beat and mellow guitar and keys.

Their vocals here tho. It was perfect! This duo really have excellent teamwork and harmony. The way their voice blends with each other is just pure eargasms.

Blackpink – Stay

It has a simple and fun melody, accompanied by guitar and harmonica, with hand claps at the chorus and a sing-along vibe. I love this song for it’s simplicity, and that their unique vocals shine through without embellishments. You can clearly distinguish their voices from each other but the way it blends together completes the group. It is a much softer side to their image compared to their other songs.

Blackpink – Whistle (Acoustic Ver.)

I have a thing for Acoustic Versions so it’s almost a given that I will definitely like the song the moment I saw it. And of course that wouldn’t be possible if I didn’t like the original in the first place. Yep, this one’s in my faves too. Love the vocals!


Blackpink Covers ‘Sure Thing’ (Miguel)

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