My ‘Llama Tab’ Courtesy of Amber Liu

What. The. Pineapple is this?

Nothing. Just a Llama appreciation post. Don’t mind me, but please do mind her.

Low-key promoting her YouTube channel right there. Or was that too obvious?

This is mainly a YouTube video linking spree, because why not? It’s Amber. I just wanted to share with you guys her songs that have been stuck on my head, and of course on my phone for several weeks now. On repeat. Like an open tab with an audio playing somewhere. I hereby name it, the ‘Llama tab’.


Composed and written by Amber, with the lyrics written in English. She delivers her hopeful message that if you pursue your goals, not giving up against limitations and hardship, someday you will have silver lining.

‘Cause mom said I’d be crossing borders
Never be afraid even when you’re cornered
Stand up straight, fight your way …

I speak not as Amber of f(x) nor “celebrity” Amber, but just Amber. Just plain, simple, human Amber.

“On My Own” 

Co-written and composed by Amber, with a hopeful message to those who are doing their best in their own field. Also, the music video is directed by her too. There are two version of this one; the korean version and the english version.

“Need To Feel Needed”

also co-written and composed by her. And she also directed the video. This is just one of those MV that is simple, fun and dorky in the best way. It has that: we’re just chillin’ and having fun with the squad vibe. 

Boa’s Don’t Know What To Say

I don’t even know this song (no offense to Boa), but this has become one of my favorite covers of Amber. Her soulful, clear, melodic voice clearly matches the mood of this song. 

Linkin Park’s One More Light

And here it is! The current most played song in my playlist. The cover among all covers of this song. But that’s me being biased since I haven’t heard ALL the covers.

“My friend Gen Neo and I just wanted to do a cover of this great song. It spoke to me on so many levels and I hope this song will speak to you guys as well. Thank you Chester, for letting my little kid self know that she wasn’t alone. You will be greatly missed.”

Apart from being friends, these two have such musical chemistry that it brings me to tears. 

I have known of Amber of F(x) but had never really been a fan back then. It was only when she had her solo debut that I found her (or she found me). Ever since then, I have been following her musical and crazy adventures in YouTube. Well, most of them. WTP

In the sea of comments about this Llama, there was one that stuck to me: “Amber is promoting herself better than SM.” Just by being herself, doing what she loves and sharing it to her fans. 

Leave a comment and make my day.

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